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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!
Last night, I poured a bag of Dried Blackeye Peas into a pot and filled the pot with water.  I soaked them overnight and will cook them today for our lunch.  We will also have baked pork chops, sweet potato casserole, turnips, and fried cornbread.  This is a Southern tradition that I have followed all of my married life (37 years).  May God continue to bless this land of ours as we begin a new year!
A few days before Christmas, a co-worker asked if I had any problems getting on my blog.  I told her no but the very next day I could not get on my blog.  I had failed to renew my domain name ( and had to pay to get it out of redemption!  Mercy me.  It took about a week of dealing with Go Daddy before we got it all straightened out but mission accomplished. 
2013 - I am going to pursue writing a recipe book and getting it published.  I imagine this is going to be time consuming but I certainly feel it will be a labor of love.  Recipes will be blogged sporadically.  I still have family recipes that I wish to share with you! 

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