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Monday, September 17, 2012

Lasagna & Homemade Bread

Lasagna & Homemade Bread
Saturday means College Football at our house and I always cook chicken tenders and fries that we enjoy before, during, or after the Alabama football game.  Well, Phillip had cooked chicken tenders during the week, so I decided that we didn't need a repeat.  I got out the bread machine and started the meat for the lasagna sauce.  Before long, the kitchen took on the aroma of the sauce.  I try to time the bread baking and lasagna, so that they both get ready about the same time.  The smell of bread baking is absolutely heavenly.    The lasagna, bread, and an Alabama Football win made for a very enjoyable day! 
I cooked all weekend but it was recipes that I have already put on my blog.  The recipes that I share are recipes that I continue to cook for my family.  I hope they become repeat favorites for you, too.
Update on our wild baby kitten.  We fed the kitten Saturday morning and I could tell that it was getting friendlier.  It was coming out of the burn pile more and I could hear it purring.  It would still scurry back into the burn pile when I would try to pet it.  When we fed the kitten in the early evening, I was finally able to pet the kitten and even rub its belly without it trying to get away from me.  We felt like if I could pick up the kitten, it was time to get it away from the burn pile before it became a victim of a hawk, fox, snake, etc.   Phillip also needed to burn the dried pecan limbs and porch railings on the burn pile.  I picked up the kitten and then placed it in a 5 gallon bucket and we covered the bucket before taking the kitten to our garden shed.  When we released it in the garden shed, it was wide-eyed wild!  It hid all day Sunday under our pump tank and would not even meow.  We had not seen it under the pump tank but knew it was the only hiding place in the garden shed.  Finally Sunday evening, it began to meow at me and peek out from under the pump tank.  Now, I have to tame that wild baby kitten all over again.  At least now we know it's safe.
Lasagna Recipe posted on March 21, 2012.
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