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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Microwave Bacon

Microwave Bacon

We like our bacon cooked in the microwave.  I usually use about 5 paper plates to cook a pack of bacon.  There are about 15 slices of bacon in a pack and I place 5 pieces on each paper plate.  I cover the plate with another plate and place in the microwave.  I cook for 2 min. and then drain the grease.  I then flip the bacon and return the covered plate to the microwave.  I cook the bacon for 1 min. and then remove the plate.  I flip and separate the bacon pieces.  If the bacon is getting close to being done, I will then cook for 30 sec., 20 sec. or 10 sec.  You do not want to overcook the bacon.  

I know those of you who are waiting on a homegrown tomato cannot wait to have a BLT sandwich.  It won't be long now.  We have tomato blooms and tiny tomatoes on the tomato plants.  Did I mention that Phillip has planted 65 tomato plants?  We will  be sharing a lot of tomatoes this summer!  

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