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Friday, May 4, 2012

Gone to Market, Again!

Last night, I was a busy girl putting tags on all of my jellies that I was getting ready to take to The Market at Dothan Nurseries.  I will have plenty of Hot Pepper Jelly, Mayhaw Jelly, and Blackberry Jelly.  I made Mayhaw Jelly and Blackberry Jelly this week from mayhaws and blackberries that I had in our freezer.  Our Mayhaw Trees are finished producing and we have gathered 9 gallons of mayhaws for jelly.  Our blackberries are blooming and have lots of blackberries that will be ripe soon.  I will keep several gallons of blackberries for jelly as well as sell blackberries.   Last summer, I made over 200 jars of Hot Pepper Jelly to hopefully last until this summer.  I'm down to 30 jars.  It's a good thing the pepper plants are blooming and putting on peppers. 

Hopefully, I can do some cooking and blogging this weekend!

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