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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Everybody loves a Pound Cake.  There are many different recipes for Pound Cakes but my favorite is a Cream Cheese Pound Cake.  I had tried several recipes without good results.  A friend gave me her recipe and said if I would follow it exactly I would have a delicious cake.  She was so right!  When I share this recipe with others they always want to know if I really sift the cake flour 3 times and I really do.  My sister, Debra, and best friend, GeorgeAnn, look forward to a slice when they come for a visit.  GeorgeAnn loves the gooey edge that's known as a "sad streak" (it's a southern term).  Debra likes to take home a couple of slices to eat when she has her morning coffee. 

Cream Cheese Pound Cake

3 cups Swans Down Cake Flour, sifted 3 times
3 cups sugar
3 sticks Land O Lakes Real Butter, room temperature
8 oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, room temperature
6 eggs

Blend butter and cream cheese until mixed thoroughly.  Add sugar and beat until fluffy.  Slightly beat eggs in a separate bowl.  Add to butter and sugar and beat until it looks light and fluffy.  Add flour in 3 parts and mix thoroughly after each addition.  Pour into a large tube pan that has been coated with Baker's Joy.

Bake at 300 degrees for 1 hr. 30 min.  Allow to cool in tube pan for 10 min.  Place on a cake plate.

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