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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fried Okra

                                                                        Fried Okra

On Sunday, we rode in our yellow golf cart over our plantation (several acres) to see how much rain (3.2 inches) that we had gotten on Saturday night.  We also wanted to check on the pink ruffle azaleas that had been planted along the edge of the woods beyond our fruit orchard as well as the nectarine, apple, and pecan trees that had been planted in our yard and fruit orchard.  Winter is a good time for planting.  The milder temperatures and winter rains give the plants a good start.  When we rode by our upper and lower gardens, we talked about what Phillip was planning to plant in each.  You can bet there will be okra planted.  We love having okra in the freezer for cooking anytime we get ready for fried okra. 

Pint of frozen okra
J. T. Pollard's Fine White Corn Meal
Crisco Oil
Gallon zip-loc bag

When I get ready to cook okra, I remove a pint bag of okra from the freezer and place the bag on the kitchen counter to thaw.  I pour the thawed okra into a colander and run cool water over it.  I allow it to drain well and then put it into a gallon size zip loc bag that I have already added a cup of Pollard's Corn Meal.  After closing the bag, I shake it well and it coats each piece of okra.  I fill an iron skillet about a third full of cooking oil and heat it to 300 degrees.  I use my hand to remove a couple of pieces of okra at the time and place in the hot cooking oil until the skillet is full of okra.  You do not want to overcook the okra.  You want to cook it until it's golden brown.  I lightly salt the okra after I have removed it from the hot oil and placed it on a platter.                                            

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