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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leftover Turkey for Turkey Sandwich or Turkey Salad

We had a wonderful smoked turkey for our Christmas Eve meal at our house.  We will use the leftover turkey for sandwiches and/or turkey salad. 

A Turkey Sandwich is a matter of choice.  Warm a slice of turkey or if you prefer you can eat it cold.  You can make the sandwich with two slices of white bread, wheat bread, or an Hawaiian bun.  Spread on mayonnaise, mustard, or honey mustard.  Add lettuce and tomato.  You are now ready to eat your sandwich.  Don't forget the chips!

For the Turkey Salad, I put several slices of turkey in a food chopper.  I put the chopped meat in a bowl and add mayonnaise and combine well.  Since the turkey is smoked, I do not add any other seasonings.  I prefer to eat the Turkey Salad with Ritz Crackers.  You may add chopped eggs, sweet pickles, chopped onions,  or other items to your Turkey Salad.  I prefer mine very simple with Ritz Crackers.  Again, it's a matter of choice.

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