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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dried Baby Lima Beans

Dried Baby Lima Beans, dried blackeye peas, sweet potato casserole or baked sweet potatoes, turnips, collards, or mustard (my granny's favorite green) are all dishes that I associate with fall and winter.  With most of these dishes, you must also have baked cornbread.  I can remember my daddy coming home from his insurance job and for a snack after finishing his meal, he would pour a glass of milk and then crumble a piece of cornbread into the glass of milk.  He would then take a spoon and dip into the milk and cornbread and eat with contentment.  Well, I would imitate my daddy and do the same.  No wonder I had a weight problem as a child!

To begin this dish, I pour an entire bag of dried baby lima beans into a dutch oven pot.  I fill the pot with more than enough water to cover the lima beans.  The lima beans will swell.  I leave them soaking overnight.  The next morning, I pour off the water and rinse the lima beans.  I return the lima beans to the dutch oven pot for cooking.  I cover the lima beans with enough water that they can move around when stirring occurs.  I bring the lima beans to a boil and then reduce the heat to medium/low.  I stir often while cooking for a couple of hours.  The lima beans will become soft and the water will thicken.

                                                       Dried Baby Lima Beans

1 bag of Dried Baby Lima Beans
2 tsp. salt
lean smoked ham or smoked pork chop.

Follow the above preparation and cooking of the lima beans.  Add salt and smoked ham for seasoning when cooking begins.

Baked cornbread - 6/1/11 on blog.

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