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Monday, October 10, 2011

Dried Blackeye Peas

We have a family tradition that was also a family tradition with our parents.  We all cook dried blackeye peas on New Year's Day.  It's also a favorite of ours during the fall and winter months of the year.  I usually buy a bag of China Doll Dried Blackeye Peas.  I pour the entire bag into a dutch oven pot.  I fill the pot with more than enough water to cover the peas.  The peas will swell.  I leave them soaking overnight.  The next morning, I pour off the water and rinse the peas.  I return the peas to the dutch oven pot for cooking.  I cover the peas with enough water that they can move around when stirring occurs.  I bring the peas to a boil and then reduce heat to medium/low.  I stir often while cooking for a couple of hours.  The peas will become soft and the water will thicken.

                                                            Dried Blackeye Peas

1 bag China Doll Dried Blackeye Peas
2 tsp. salt
lean smoked ham or smoked pork chop

Follow the above preparation and cooking of the peas.  Add salt and smoked ham for seasoning when cooking begins.

We enjoy fried cornbread with our dried blackeye peas.

Fried Cornbread - 3/22/11 on blog

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