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Friday, June 24, 2011

Strawberry Fig Preserves

Today is a Happy/Sad Day for our Family.  My precious Mother-in-Law, Othell Herring, passed away on Tuesday and will be buried today.  We rejoice that she's free from her Alzheimer's disease.  We have missed her and mourned the loss of her for almost ten years.  I am thankful for the wonderful meals and recipes that she shared with me.  She taught me so much about life!

We have a lovely fig tree in our fruit orchard.  I always know that spring is coming when new leaves appear on the fig tree...that's biblical, too.  Phillip got a rooted piece from his mother's fig tree and here is where it comes full circle.  Mrs. Herring got a rooted piece from Phillip's grandparents home place which is where we live right now.  I got the recipe for traditional Fig Preserves from my Mother and they are delicious, too.  It takes five hours to cook traditional Fig Preserves but I am so glad that I have my Mom's recipe.  The recipe for Strawberry Fig Preserves came from my bestest friend, GeorgeAnn.  You cook the Strawberry Fig Preserves for only 20 min. and you have a preserve that tastes just like strawberries.  Our fig preserves will be ready in late June or early July.  I always enjoy watching Phillip eat them right off of the tree.  We'll get the ladder out and can fill a bucket in very short period of time.  I love having a fruit orchard!

                                                     Strawberrry Fig Preserves

3 cups of sugar
2 - 3 oz. boxes of Strawberry Jello
6 cups of figs

Wash figs.  Cut off the stems.  Cut figs in half.  Put figs, jello, and sugar in a large boiler.  Bring to a rolling boil.  Cook for 20 min.  Pour into jars.

Yield:  6 half-pints.

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