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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Homemade Frosty's

When Phillip and I were dating 38 years ago, it didn't take long to realize how much he loved ice cream!  There was Johnny's Soft Serve on South Oates Street where you could buy twirled vanilla ice milk in a cone, Dairy Queen where he loved the brownie delight, and Wendy's where he loved the Frosty.  Somewhere around this time, grocery stores started selling Blue Bell Ice Cream and there was always several half-gallons of different types in his Mom's freezer as she loved ice cream, too.  Phillip's brother, Ronnie, also loves ice cream and he would keep his Mom informed of which stores had a sale on Blue Bell Ice Cream for the week .  I guess you can tell by now that this is a Herring family trait.  You must love ice cream to be a part of this family!  

I have a lovely wooden recipe box that I keep in my pantry.  I put recipes that I one day want to cook in my recipe box.  They don't get written in my recipe book until I know that we like the recipe and I will want to make it again for my family.  I do not have a clue how long I have had this recipe for a Frosty or where I got it from but it's a welcome delight on these hot summer days.  This recipe did make it to the recipe book!

                                                      Homemade Frosty's 

1 cup milk
1/2 cup Nestle Nesquik Chocolate Flavor
3 cups softened vanilla ice cream

Place all of the above into a blender and blend. 

Pour into a dessert dish or glass and enjoy.

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