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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pecan Roll

The Herring family from children to great grandchildren all love Memaw's Pecan Roll.  On Christmas Eve as the family was sitting down for a Christmas Eve feast, Phillip would take the Pecan Roll out of the freezer to allow it to soften.  By the time the meal was over, the Pecan Roll was soft enough that Phillip would cut the entire Pecan Roll into slices.  He would then place the sliced Pecan Roll on the table height bar in Memaw's kitchen.   Big hands and little hands were continuously coming by for a slice of Pecan Roll.  This is a memory that we will always cherish.

                                                                Pecan Roll

1 box or 3 sleeves of Nabisco Honey Made Honey Grahams
1 can Eagle Brand Milk
1 cup chopped pecans

Place one sleeve of Graham crackers in a  gallon zip-loc bag.  Use a rolling pin to crush the graham crackers.  Repeat with the other two sleeves of Graham crackers.  Pour crushed Graham crackers into a large bowl.  Add Eagle Brand Milk and chopped pecans.  Use your hands to mix well.  After mixing well, shape mixture into a log.  You will need to work with the mixture until you get the size and shape that you want.  I usually make two logs.  Wrap log in aluminum foil and place in freezer. 
Remove the Pecan Roll from the freezer at least 30 min. before you wish to serve it.  It will be easier to slice.   Phillip usually slices the entire Pecan Roll the first time that we serve it.  He places the leftovers into a container that can go into the freezer and we can then remove one piece at the time.

I make two Pecan Logs - one for us and one to share with Brent and his family.

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