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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

I, along with everyone else in Houston County and the surrounding areas, anticipated the opening of Publix grocery stores in Dothan.  We all had shopped at them in other towns and could not wait to have one to shop at in our area.  My sister, Debra, has shopped at Publix for years in Tallahassee and was excited for me to have one to shop at.  After it had been open for several weeks, she asked me if I had bought any White Mountain Bread from the Bakery at Publix.  When I told her that I had not, she said that I had to buy some to make grilled cheese sandwiches.  She said it makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches and she was right.  Go to the Bakery at Publix and buy a loaf of White Mountain Bread.  It has the white flour on top of the loaf.  If it is not already sliced, just ask and they will be glad to slice it for you. 

                                                        Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Loaf of White Mountain Bread from Publix
Velveeta Slices

Heat griddle to 350 degrees.  Add butter.  Place a couple of slices of bread in butter.  Place one or two slices of cheese on the bread, depending on the size of the sliced bread, in the butter and cover with a second slice of bread.  After a few minutes, flip over sandwich to brown on the opposite side.  You will need to add additional butter, so that both sides cook in the butter.   After the cheese has melted and the bread is browned, you are ready to enjoy your sandich. 

The bread cooks up a little crunchy and I think it makes a really good cheese sandwich.   Thanks, sister, for suggesting we try White Mountain Bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. 

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