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Monday, March 7, 2011

Chicken Tenders with Honey Mustard

The Farmer's Daughters Market was a big success this past Friday, March 4th, at Dothan Nurseries.  If you missed it, don't worry.  We'll be there every Friday in April and May,  beginning on April  1st.  We were set up among all of the beauty at the nursery.  Flowers were beginning to bloom and the displays were lovely.  I can only imagine what a difference a month will make in the blooming of the plants and the additional of a multitude of bedding plants.  My hot pepper jelly was a delight to all who had a taste on a Ritz cracker with cream cheese.  I sold out and  I will certainly have lots of jars of hot pepper jelly in April as I anticipate the many customers who will want more!  The Bread Lady sold out of all of her homemade bread as well as Susan's miniature cream cheese pound cakes and biscotti and Amanda's trail mix and spiced pecans.  Shelley's Catering sold all of her frozen casseroles with many of her casseroles pre-ordered.  Cheese Straws went quick, too.   Wendy's produce was beautiful - cabbage, sweet potatoes, several types of lettuce, and tomatoes that were gone so fast as no one could believe they were getting a "real" tomato that was grown in a hoop house.  Bring your market bag and take home some local grown produce and local baked treats.  See ya in April.

We love our Chicken Tenders all year long but we also have a football tradition.  We eat Chicken Tenders every Saturday when College Football begins and we watch our Alabama Crimson Tide.  We began this when Brent was a teenager and it's a tradition we still continue.  Roll Tide!

I buy frozen chicken tenderloins for my chicken tenders.  They are not breaded.   I usually take 6 to 8 chicken tenderloins out of the bag to cook for just Phillip & me.  I allow them to partially thaw and then cut each piece of chicken into 3 pieces, removing the white tendon and discarding.  I then place the cut up chicken into a bowl and cover all of the chicken with buttermilk.  I allow it to soak in the buttermilk for one hour.  I place 3 cups of self-rising flour into a separate bowl and add a Tbsp. of salt.  Stir together.  I remove one piece of chicken at a time from the buttermilk and place into the bowl of flour.  I completely cover the piece of chicken with flour by turning it over several times in the flour, shake off excess flour, and then place on a pie plate.  I continue this until I have all of the pieces of chicken coated in flour.  I have a large iron kettle that I fill half full with Crisco oil.  I heat the oil to 300 degrees.  When the temperature reaches 300 degrees, I add the chicken pieces to the hot oil one piece at a time until I have 1/2 of all of the pieces in the hot oil. I will have two cookings of chicken pieces.  I turn the chicken pieces over several times while cooking until they are golden brown.  You will need to watch the temperature of the oil and not let it get above 300 degrees.  You can control this by turning down the heat of your stove eye, if necessary.   I remove the golden brown chicken from the hot oil and place on a platter.  I like to eat chicken tenders with honey mustard.

For many years, I made my own Honey Mustard and the following is the recipe that I used to make it by.  This will keep in the refrigerator for a month or two.  Since I have found O'Charley's Honey Mustard at Wal-Mart, I now buy it instead of making my own as the taste is very similar.  

Honey Mustard   

1 cup yellow mustard
2 cups mayonnaise
1/2 cup honey
1 tbsp. minced garlic, optional

Blend all together.  Keep refrigerated.    

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