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Monday, January 17, 2011

Pork Center Cut Loin Filet

My grandmother, Jewel King, would always have a fresh ham cooked for us to eat when we would go for a visit.  Fresh ham is wonderful for sandwiches.  Phillip's Mom always cooked a fresh ham for her Christmas Eve meal.  Cooking a Pork Tenderloin brings back wonderful family memories. 

I now purchase a Hormel Pork Center Cut Loin Filet (Original) to cook.  I remove it from packaging, place in a pyrex dish, and cover with aluminum foil.  The pork loin is frozen when I begin.  I bake it at 300 degrees for 3 hrs.  I remove the aluminum foil and remove any visible fat from the meat.  I leave the pork loin in the juices that it has cooked in.  I take two forks and pull the pork into shredded pieces.   I salt and pepper the pork and then return it back to the oven uncovered for 10 min.  The juices from the meat adds so much flavor!

We always make sure we have a very fresh loaf of Sunbeam bread that we smear with mayonnaise and then add a pile of shredded pork.   We add some Lays Chips to our plates and commence to eating.  It's so good!  If we still have leftovers after a day or two, we add BullsEye Original BBQ sauce and have BBQ sandwiches .